About Henry Lyon

March 9, 2007

Hi, my name is Henry Lyon. I am currently at Uni studying to be a lawyer. I have a girlfriend named Marcelle and my two best mates Nick and Marcus who I go sail-boarding with. I turned eighteen this year and have my drivers licence but to this stage do not have a car. I’m currently driving my mum and dads volvo which I drove to my mate Nick’s beach house up the coast. On the way to Nick’s my volvo broke down from an overheated motor which took about three days to be fixed. When I was trying to find someone to help me a man named Graham in a V8 ute came by and gave me a lift into the town Stratford. While I waited for the volvo to be fixed I rented a flat at the pub where I met Graham again and brought him a beer for the lift. Graham introduced him to his girlfriend Janine and we had a good chat with each other. I became such good friends with Trot(Graham) and Janine that I invited them up to Nick’s beach house with me. The volvo was ready to go and I got in and told Trot and Janine that I’d give them a call. I love going to the beach with Nick and Marcus, it’s one of them things that you wait for all week and we try to get out and do it as much as possible. My girlfriend at the time Marcelle wanted to come up as well and I couldn’t really say no but while we were there I was spending alot of time with everyone and she didn’t like that so she went home and said she wanted a break for a while. So to sum it up my name is Henry and I’m happy with the way my life and future is heading.


Hello world!

February 2, 2007

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